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Author CAPL Ind Singles 'Premier' 2016/2017

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Joined: 12.07.13
Posted on 16-09-2016 15:06
We have 33 final entrants this year, resulting in 2 divisions which start this Monday 19th September. A 17 man 'Super Premier' and a 16 man 'Premier'. Both divisions will now have a seperate thread.

Here I've attached the link for the 'Premier Division' document that I'll be using to update all results. This has 3 tabs, 1 for league table, 1 for fixtures and 1 for player contact details and should load up no problem on a PC or Smartphone.

I've also listed the full fixture list below. I'll post the League Table periodically incase anyone has access issues and all information here will be duplicated on the Facebook group. If anyone needs any further information or wants hard copies of their fixtures and a contact list then let me know so I can arrange this.

Other than that, good luck to everyone involved and enjoy the pool.



Fixtures Live: 19-Sep-16
Fixtures Expire: 16-Oct-16

Alan Beattie 3 Vs 7 David Wales
Jim McKay 3 Vs 7 David Finnett
Gerry Pendleton 6 (0) Vs (1) 6 David Hodalski
Daniel Scrimgeour 2 Vs 7 Kevin Grimes
Gemma Keenan 6 (1) Vs (0) 6 Ryan Beattie
Martyn Muir 7 Vs 1 George Beattie
Colin Welsh 7 Vs 2 Matt Cullimore
Ally Mair 6 (0) Vs (1) 6 Craig Thomson

Fixtures Live: 03-Oct-16
Fixtures Expire: 30-Oct-16

David Wales 7 Vs 0 Craig Thomson
Matt Cullimore 3 Vs 7 Ally Mair
George Beattie 1 Vs 7 Colin Welsh
Ryan Beattie 1 Vs 7 Martyn Muir
Kevin Grimes 7 Vs 3 Gemma Keenan
David Hodalski 2 Vs 7 Daniel Scrimgeour
David Finnett 7 Vs 2 Gerry Pendleton
Alan Beattie 6 (0) Vs (1) 6 Jim McKay

Fixtures Live: 17-Oct-16
Fixtures Expire: 13-Nov-16

Jim McKay 7 Vs 3 David Wales
Gerry Pendleton 6 (0) Vs (1) 6 Alan Beattie
Daniel Scrimgeour 7 Vs 4 David Finnett
Gemma Keenan 2 Vs 7 David Hodalski
Martyn Muir 6 (1) Vs (0) 6 Kevin Grimes
Colin Welsh 7 Vs 5 Ryan Beattie
Ally Mair 7 Vs 1 George Beattie
Craig Thomson 5 Vs 7 Matt Cullimore

Fixtures Live: 31-Oct-16
Fixtures Expire: 27-Nov-16

David Wales 7 Vs 3 Matt Cullimore
George Beattie 3 Vs 7 Craig Thomson
Ryan Beattie 3 Vs 7 Ally Mair
Kevin Grimes 7 Vs 4 Colin Welsh
David Hodalski 5 Vs 7 Martyn Muir
David Finnett 7 Vs 3 Gemma Keenan
Alan Beattie 7 Vs 1 Daniel Scrimgeour
Jim McKay 6 (0) Vs (1) 6 Gerry Pendleton

Fixtures Live: 14-Nov-16
Fixtures Expire: 11-Dec-16

Gerry Pendleton 7 Vs 0 David Wales
Daniel Scrimgeour 3 Vs 7 Jim McKay
Gemma Keenan 3 Vs 7 Alan Beattie
Martyn Muir 7 Vs 5 David Finnett
Colin Welsh 3 Vs 7 David Hodalski
Ally Mair 1 Vs 7 Kevin Grimes
Craig Thomson 7 Vs 1 Ryan Beattie
Matt Cullimore 7 Vs 4 George Beattie

Fixtures Live: 28-Nov-16
Fixtures Expire: 01-Jan-17

David Wales 7 Vs 2 George Beattie
Ryan Beattie 1 Vs 7 Matt Cullimore
Kevin Grimes 7 Vs 5 Craig Thomson
David Hodalski 3 Vs 7 Ally Mair
David Finnett 7 Vs 4 Colin Welsh
Alan Beattie 7 Vs 3 Martyn Muir
Jim McKay 7 Vs 4 Gemma Keenan
Gerry Pendleton 6 (0) Vs (1) 6 Daniel Scrimgeour

Fixtures Live: 12-Dec-17
Fixtures Expire: 15-Jan-17

Daniel Scrimgeour 1 Vs 7 David Wales
Gemma Keenan 1 Vs 7 Gerry Pendleton
Martyn Muir 7 Vs 5 Jim McKay
Colin Welsh 7 Vs 5 Alan Beattie
Ally Mair 1 Vs 7 David Finnett
Craig Thomson 7 Vs 3 David Hodalski
Matt Cullimore 7 Vs 5 Kevin Grimes
George Beattie 7 Vs 3 Ryan Beattie

Fixtures Live: 02-Jan-17
Fixtures Expire: 29-Jan-17

David Wales 6 (1) Vs (0) 6 Ryan Beattie
Kevin Grimes 7 Vs 2 George Beattie
David Hodalski 4 Vs 7 Matt Cullimore
David Finnett 1 Vs 7 Craig Thomson
Alan Beattie 5 Vs 7 Ally Mair
Jim McKay 6 (0) Vs (1) 6 Colin Welsh
Gerry Pendleton 5 Vs 7 Martyn Muir
Daniel Scrimgeour Vs Gemma Keenan

Fixtures Live: 16-Jan-17
Fixtures Expire: 12-Feb-17

Gemma Keenan Vs David Wales
Martyn Muir Vs Daniel Scrimgeour
Colin Welsh 7 Vs 4 Gerry Pendleton
Ally Mair Vs Jim McKay
Craig Thomson Vs Alan Beattie
Matt Cullimore Vs David Finnett
George Beattie Vs David Hodalski
Ryan Beattie Vs Kevin Grimes

Fixtures Live: 30-Jan-17
Fixtures Expire: 26-Feb-17

David Wales Vs Kevin Grimes
David Hodalski Vs Ryan Beattie
David Finnett Vs George Beattie
Alan Beattie Vs Matt Cullimore
Jim McKay Vs Craig Thomson
Gerry Pendleton Vs Ally Mair
Daniel Scrimgeour Vs Colin Welsh
Gemma Keenan Vs Martyn Muir

Fixtures Live: 13-Feb-17
Fixtures Expire: 12-Mar-17

Martyn Muir Vs David Wales
Colin Welsh Vs Gemma Keenan
Ally Mair Vs Daniel Scrimgeour
Craig Thomson Vs Gerry Pendleton
Matt Cullimore Vs Jim McKay
George Beattie Vs Alan Beattie
Ryan Beattie Vs David Finnett
Kevin Grimes Vs David Hodalski

Fixtures Live: 27-Feb-17
Fixtures Expire: 26-Mar-17

David Wales Vs David Hodalski
David Finnett Vs Kevin Grimes
Alan Beattie Vs Ryan Beattie
Jim McKay Vs George Beattie
Gerry Pendleton Vs Matt Cullimore
Daniel Scrimgeour Vs Craig Thomson
Gemma Keenan Vs Ally Mair
Martyn Muir Vs Colin Welsh

Fixtures Live: 13-Mar-17
Fixtures Expire: 09-Apr-17

Colin Welsh Vs David Wales
Ally Mair Vs Martyn Muir
Craig Thomson Vs Gemma Keenan
Matt Cullimore Vs Daniel Scrimgeour
George Beattie Vs Gerry Pendleton
Ryan Beattie Vs Jim McKay
Kevin Grimes Vs Alan Beattie
David Hodalski Vs David Finnett

Fixtures Live: 27-Mar-17
Fixtures Expire: 23-Apr-17

David Wales Vs David Finnett
Alan Beattie Vs David Hodalski
Jim McKay Vs Kevin Grimes
Gerry Pendleton Vs Ryan Beattie
Daniel Scrimgeour Vs George Beattie
Gemma Keenan Vs Matt Cullimore
Martyn Muir Vs Craig Thomson
Colin Welsh Vs Ally Mair

Fixtures Live: 10-Apr-17
Fixtures Expire: 07-May-17

Ally Mair Vs David Wales
Craig Thomson Vs Colin Welsh
Matt Cullimore Vs Martyn Muir
George Beattie Vs Gemma Keenan
Ryan Beattie Vs Daniel Scrimgeour
Kevin Grimes Vs Gerry Pendleton
David Hodalski Vs Jim McKay
David Finnett Vs Alan Beattie
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