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Ian Cowan

Posts: 354
Joined: 09.03.14
Posted on 19-07-2018 23:05
If anyone has any proposals for changes to Constitution or match formats please post below.

Proposals will be collated and voted on at AGM on Sunday 29th July.

Deadline for proposals will be 12.00pm on Saturday 28th July.

Ian Cowan
CAPL League Secretary
Tel : 07475 233 688
E-mail : caplsec@outlook.com
Ian Cowan

Posts: 354
Joined: 09.03.14
Posted on 23-07-2018 21:46
List of Proposals

Proposal 1 - Neil Gillespie - Bring Back 3 Man Team Comp

Proposal 2 - Neil Gillespie - Bring Back Clubhouse Singles with 40% attendance required to play

Proposal 3 - Neil Gillespie - Only give out trophies for individual comps (not team comps or league winners) i.e. just singles, doubles, 2-man, POTY, 3-man & Clubhouse Singles (if last two get voted in)

Proposal 4 - John Smith - No Pay No Play Rule for Supers to be stricter with Captains Responsible for the Payments of Players Who Don't Pay

Proposal 5 - John Smith - You must play so many league games to be able to play in supers team & any league tournaments. This idea of unregistered players being able to pay more and play in tournaments is a nonsense.

Proposal 6 - Drew Byers - Players must achieve league attendance % to be eligible for entry to competitions

Proposal 7 - Drew Byers - League matches - Captains select team frame by frame. 1st pick alternates.

Proposal 8 - Drew Byers - Players must be in attendance before last single match or can't play in doubles

Proposal 9 - George Edgar - I propose that all league singles/doubles etc be played out on the same day

Proposal 10 - Stewart Bowie - I propose that our doubles frames be changed to Scotch Doubles as it means both players are more involved in each frame

Proposal 11 - Stewart Bowie - I propose that any cups go back to being played on the older style last 8 on a Thursday nigh or Friday if need be with also the 1st semi final being played on a Friday followed by the 2nd semi the next Friday and then the final at a later date

Proposal 12 - Stewart Bowie - Propose that league comps be spaced out over the season a bit better as think we had poor turn outs because e had everything at the end of the season.

We could have say the 2 man team October / November doubles about February and wouldn't mind the singles nearer the end.

Think this will get much more people or teams turning up to these events as was tough on anyone with family to commit to all these weekends in a row with also having Ayrshire singles and doubles at the end of the season also.

Proposal 13 - Grant Davidson - Remove POTY and replace with tournament where each team sends 2 players to end of season tournament to play off for POTY trophy

Proposal 14 - Grant Davidson - Only players that play 50% of cup / league games can enter comps / supers - no buy in

Proposal 15 - George Edgar - Bring back U23 tournament

Ian Cowan
CAPL League Secretary
Tel : 07475 233 688
E-mail : caplsec@outlook.com
Edited by Ian Cowan on 26-07-2018 22:10
Jourdon Templeton

Posts: 461
Location: 4-0 up
Joined: 16.07.08
Posted on 28-07-2018 00:34
How can you attend a certain percentage if you spend half your year in the north sea?

How about you just practise and get better and stop hating on the players that do and win.

proposal 1: if you are absolutely hopeless at the game, you don't get a say in what affects the good players

Proposal 2: league tournaments should be played in our better venues (nonny or irvine 8 ball). This allows the races to be longer - we can't be having our flagship tournaments be likened to a flyer (e.g first to 5 etc)
Minimum first to 6.

Proposal 3 You need to turn up to league tournaments to have any say in how the league is run. A lot of folk seem to have bright ideas but are nowhere to be seen when it's tournament time.
Proposal 4 : if you have never won anything in your life, and are found to be making out as though you're a top player and "A team" standard then it's an automatic £50 fine.

Proposal 5: if you don't get bye a 1st round in any league tournament you are immediately banned for the following season for bringing our game into disrepute

website police
Edited by Jourdon Templeton on 28-07-2018 00:42
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15/05/2020 21:29
Is it not about time the committee made a decision with reguards to the league is the season being scraped and all money’s transferring to next season

Jourdon Templeton
21/12/2018 14:18
Bogus accounts will not be activated 😁

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